You know when you get married and you choose your dress, as well as a dress for the beautiful bridesmaids you’ve chosen to stand next to you?

Well, there’s a little more to it than just making sure they coordinate with the theme of your Big Day.

And you’ve been warned, it’s more than a little creepy…

Yep, According to Mental Floss, the tradition comes from Ancient Rome.

In those times, the bride and the bridesmaids all used to dress in the same dress, and there’s a crazy reason why.

The bridesmaids would act as a decoy for the bride, in order to ward off evil spirits, I guess by confusing them? The reason being, it was believed that weddings and other joyful events would attract demons and other evil spirits.

As a bridesmaid, it was your responsibility to protect the bride.


So, the tradition may have carried on to the present day in some capacity, only these days the bride’s mission is to stand out from the crowd – not blend into it!


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