Despite three out of four of this season’s Married At First Sight couples deciding to stay together on last night’s episode, a former contestant has revealed that ALL of them have moved on.

Clare Verrall, whose explosive – and hotly debated – marriage to Jono Pitman was over before it even really began, took to Twitter on a furious crusade to let her followers know what’s really going on.

“EVERYONE, there is no 3 month catch up as they all broke up within weeks,” the angry 32-year-old wrote. “Many of them have new partners now & can’t wait to move on.

“[The] crew told us at our catch ups as this season was filmed straight after ours. They said it was a sh**show.

“[Channel 9] should be ashamed,” she continued. “We wanted love stories not manufactured drama.

“The ‘experts’ don’t make the matches, the executive producer does.

“There is no psychology behind these matches at all.”


And it DEFINITELY seems like there’s drama brewing; Monica, who claimed to be happily loved-up with new husband Mark in last night’s episode, revealed on Instagram that she would be spilling the beans later today.

“Cheers to the finale… Couldn’t have made it through without the support of my amazing friends,” her post read.


“Exclusive comes tomorrow! Sorry, I cannot divulge that info now.”

Each of the contestants is bound by a three-month contract from the date of the finale, but with Clare being so vocal on Twitter, it’s only a matter of time until we hear the REAL story of season three.

Popcorn at the ready.

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