Right now, there is great debate about Sydney’s lockout laws, with many people opposing the changes and fearing that Sydney is turning into a ‘nanny state’.

However, the laws, which were brought in by the O’Farrell government have been found not to affect one part of Sydney.

Get your notepads ready… Barangaroo Crown Casino is the spot to book your celebrations come 2019.

Yep, because when it opens, it will be one of the only spots in Sydney that is immune to the lockout laws.

Yep – all of them. It is just SIX steps outside the zone affected by lockout laws, in the ‘entertainment precinct’ of Sydney.

That means you WILL be able to buy a bottle of wine after 10pm, you WILL be able to get in after 1:30am – and you WILL be able to buy a drink after 3am.

Not only that, it’s one of the only places you can smoke INSIDE.


The government has suspended anti-smoking laws for Crown’s VIP area. Making it one of the only areas you can smoke inside in Australia.

To become a VIP, you have to be betting $20 PER HAND at blackjack! 

Watch the video by A Rational Fear to find out more…