This has made our day.

There is a new M&M flavour to rival the ultimate king that is Peanut.

That’s right; M&M released a limited variety pack that includes the following three flavours.

Prepare yourself;

Coffee Nut
Honey Nut
Chilli Nut
It was then put to the vote as to which one’s Americans love the most and of course there was a tremendous response as to which one everyone loved and well.

The winner was Coffee Nut!

The flavour apparently won by a landslide and gained over a million votes in the process.


According to taste experts, it tastes like a sweet mocha that isn’t too dissimilar to a coffee-flavoured jelly bean.

The new flavour is being launched in America in August and as yet there is no release date for Australia but…. there’s always those foreign lolly shops you can camp outside!

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