A Japanese developer has possibly solved the problem of being caught short without a toilet thanks to a brand new device and app.

D Free, is a small wearable device that uses ultrasound technology to monitor bowel movements. Once the device reads that the user is ‘ready to go’ it will send a notification to the users’ phone via an app stating: “We have detected activity in your intestines: you have approximately 10 minutes.”

The Japanese creator, Atsushi Nakanishi, said he hopes this new device will benefit the ageing population to cut down on adult nappy costs and preserve their dignity. He’s said referring to the Ultrasound technology “If it can see a tiny baby inside a mother, it must be able to keep track of poo.” 

Mr Nakanishi has revealed that an awkward experience sparked the idea for him after he was caught short walking down the street carrying heavy luggage and there was no toilet in sight. “I pooped my pants… it was very embarrassing,”. 

It made him wonder whether he could develop an early warning system to prevent it from ever happening again.

The product looks like a small cake of soap, is made from plastic and can either be stuck to the skin under the belly button or it can be worn in a pocket on custom-designed underpants.

The product and app are still being produced and developers plan to crowd fund its development in May followed by a December launched into the market.