Disney have been doing a pretty fantastic job of ramping up our excitement about the live-action remake of classic Beauty and the Beast, but the latest piece of info to fall on our desks quite literally made us squeal.

Because not only has the flick landed pop princess Ariana Grande and soul sultan John Legend for vocals on the movie’s title track, they’ve just confirmed that record royalty Celine Dion will perform an original song, called How Does A Moment Last Forever.

In case that hasn’t fully sunk in yet, what you’re hearing is that, exactly 20 years after Titanic, the world is about to be graced with a ballad to rival My Heart Will Go On

It gets better; according to Disney, the “emotional ballad” has been written by the Oscar-winning composer behind The Little Mermaid and Aladdin Alan Merken, and Oscar-winning lyricist Tim Rice, who was responsible for the still-legendary The Lion King and Evita.

We are not worthy.

Celine, obviously, sang the original Beauty and the Beast duet the first time around, which made her the “unanimous choice” to perform the new track.


“Being a part of the original Beauty and the Beast was such a magical experience in my life,” Celine said. “I’m truly honoured to be a part of this film again.”

The movie will hit Australian cinema screens on March 23; until then, check out the trailer again and practice your best Celine impression.

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