We’ve heard all about the most popular baby names for 2016 and the names that have been banned in Australia, so it seems it must be time to talk about the names that are going to be big next year!

It may seem like we’re jumping the gun a little, but according to Nameberry a revolution is coming. A baby name revolution.

Topping the list of new trends to come are godly-inspired power names. Think Thor, Freya, Luna, Atlas, Clio and Morrigan.

Then there are the literary names, such as Eloise, Maisie, Sawyer, Matilda, Fern, Cordelia, Austen and Bronte.

Following on from the likes of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna who named their newborn daughter Dream, get set to see more inspirational names. Justice, True, Grace, Bodhi, Zen and Patience are all predicted to be popular choices.

There will also be a trend to honour feminist heroines with the likes of Ruth (Bader Ginsburg), Eleanor (Roosevelt), Frida and Kahlo as well as Georgia and O’Keefe (yes, both first and last name!) gaining popularity.


Names starting with O will take off after a trend to end names in O proved popular (think Milo, Harlow, Arlo). For those looking for inspiration, Ophelia, Olympia, Owen, Osmund and Otto all make the list.

Expect to also see more preppy names – especially those that end in ‘s’. The likes of Brooks, Hayes, Ames and Niles will also be joined by the longer Anderson, Winston and Kensington.

For those who love a bit of nature, both ‘fierce’ animal names (Wolf, Lynx, Hawk and Lionel) and water names (Bay, Lake, Bayou, Delta, Hudson and Kai) will also prove popular.

If you still haven’t found inspiration for your own offspring though, don’t despair. It’s a long list with hundreds more! Check out the rest at Today.com.