We don’t want to make you cry.. but, this is really really sad.

A mixed-pitbull named March first arrived at an animal shelter a few months a go and was described as a ”happy boy” who liked jumping around with the staff, wagging his tail and having fun.

Lately, though, things have changed a bit. Volunteers have noticed he isn’t as cheerful as he used to be and spends a lot of his time staring at a wall.

It all started when March seemed to have found a new family he was going to live with and everything was sorted, he was ready to go to his new home.

Then, it fell through.

The thing is, March had already left the shelter and was on his way. 

Before he knew it, he was back in a bare room where he had been before and there was no new bed, nobody to take him for walks.


Since he came back March has apparently lost his spark and shows no interest in any families that come to see him.

The shelter is now now appealing for people to adopt him quickly. 

Although it is unlikely you would be able to adopt him and bring him to Australia, the shelter has launched a worldwide appeal and you can email them at lifesaving@accctphilly.org.

Let’s hope March finds a new home soon!

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