It’s the story we can’t get enough of… and luckily J.K. Rowling has been happy enough to oblige with even more Harry Potter!

This time, it’s photos of Harry and Ginny 19 years after the last story.

Oh, and it includes pictures of their son!

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The snaps from the stage play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child come just a week before it hits the stage in London.

It’s the first time we’ve seen the grown up characters in costume and they look pretty convincing.


Jamie Parker has taken over the mantle from Daniel Radcliffe as the new Harry Potter – complete with round specs and lightning scar.

While the role of Ginny has been taken over by Poppy Miller and Sam Clemmett takes on the role of their son, Albus Severus Potter.

Releasing the photos on Pottermore, Rowling shared her relief at seeing the new Harry.

“He simply is Harry now,” she revealed, “There’s a kind of relief in watching him, he gets it so right.”

We hope so, because those are some big specs to fill.


Photos: Pottermore