More bad news for Eagles fans as they announce they are calling it quits after nearly five decades.

The announcement comes after the death of Eagles founder Glenn Frey at the age of 67 in January.

Drummer, vocalist and co-founder Don Henley speaking to the BBC said the group’s Grammy’s tribute performance to Frey signalled the end “That was the final farewell. I don’t think you’ll see us performing again. 

“I think that was probably it. I think it was an appropriate farewell.”

The band performed their song “Take it Easy’ with Jackson Browne singing the vocals and whom originally wrote the lyrics with Glenn Frey finishing them.

 “It was very difficult, and very emotional, we almost didn’t do it, but the Grammy people were very insistent, so we decided we would do it, and Jackson [Browne] was the appropriate person to sing the song,” Henley said. “Most people know Jackson started the song, he was the first one to start writing the song, and Glenn helped him finish it, many many years ago. He was the perfect person to sing the song in tribute.”

Founded in 1971, the Eagles sold over 150 million albums including 42 million copies of ‘Their Greatest Hits’ (1971–1975) and 32 million copies of ‘Hotel California’ of which Glen Frey was co-author of ‘Desperado’ and ‘Life in the Fast Lane’.


Although the Eagles band may never perform again, Don Henley is scheduled to play Hyde Park in London in July, and Joe Walsh is on tour later this year.

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