We all know someone who’s been cheeky at the self scanner, putting though their organic tomatoes as regular, but shoplifting is becoming a serious matter for major retailers, with some shops forced to step up their game. 

Their eyes are firmly on sweet tooth thieves, who seem to think it’s ok to pocket the odd chocolate or lolly. K-mart made headlines in July when they introduced sealed safety cases to keep their chocolate safe. 

The trend has continued elsewhere with some retailers securing batteries, cosmetics and even honey in security cases.You can’t blame them, with products like Manuka Honey, which sell for $23.49 a jar being pinched on a regular basis.

ALDI has joined the crusade with lid locks clamped on bottles of spirits. They also aren’t taking any chances with their printer cartridges either, which are kept in security cases behind the counter.

Lego is also a big ticket item for thieves, but they’ll struggle at Aldi with security locks attached to a number of boxes with prices ranging from $35 to $125.

You’ve been warned!

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