When it comes to breastfeeding in public – or showing it on social media, society has always been pretty divided.

While most people think it’s a beautiful, natural occurrence, others are offended by it, for whatever reason.

With that in mind, the people from Trollstation got together to discover exactly how society would react to the woman removing her strap, placing a blanket over herself and feeding her baby.

Moments after she starts, she’s faced with an angry man who tells her that he feels uncomfortable with her breastfeeding in front of him and asks her to move down to another carriage or a designated breastfeeding area.

She then responds by saying her baby needs to eat, and is met with no sympathy.

It is unclear whether the angry man is planted to gauge the reaction of the other commuters, or if he is indeed genuinely disgruntled.

Either way, it’s worth watching to see what you think…


Source: news.com.au

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