“Here’s the story of a lovely lady…”

The lovely Florence Henderson passed away from heart failure last week.

Remembered most for her role as Mrs Brady in the 60s cult TV Show The Brady Bunch, her legacy will live on in our TV screens. 

Now her onscreen family have come out to publicly mourn the loss of their TV mother. 

Maureen McCormick, who played eldest daughter Marcia Brady, was most distraught about her passing.

It may have been over 40 years since the TV show wrapped up, but Maureen and Florence had remained close friends. 

Florence even made multiple appearances in recent months on the Dancing With The Stars set to support Maureen. 


On hearing the news of Florence’s passing, Maureen could hardly register the news. 

“I had just been with her. I had just seen her,” McCormick told ET.

“She had looked amazing — an 82-year-old woman who was so full of life and so full of spunk and fun and joy.


“I just didn’t want to believe it.”

Remembering the good times, the 60-year-old said the kind-hearted persona that fans fell in love with on their screens wasn’t just an act. 

“She was an incredible example of how to life your life,” McCormick tells ET’s Nancy O’Dell.

“She was that sweet. She really was. She was the loveliest of ladies.

“Florence played our mother on the show, but I always felt like she was more of a sister.


“Throughout my life, she has been a huge supporter in my hard times.

“She never gave up on me. She always just believed in me and gave me hope and strength.

“She gave that to everybody — it was so genuine and so pure and so loving and so from her heart.”

Her eldest on screen son, Greg Brady (played by Barry Williams) was just as complimentary when speaking of Florence’s passing. 

We all know of the crush that the 15-year-old Barry had on Florence but she played a role much more substantial in his life. 


“I think it’s important to know many people shared this loss,” Barry said. 

“She will be remembered, she will be loved for a long time.

“We are leaning on each other, right now… From the time that I met her I had a great affinity for her, and an attraction to her.

“She’s played so many different roles in my life as a mother, as a professional, as a mentor and she was inspiring to me as well.”

Christopher Knight physically broke down when speaking about Florence and her influence on his life. 


In a heartbreaking twist, Knight’s own biological mother passed away on the same day, 12 years earlier. 

“Regrets you know… I could have spent more time with her,” Chris told ET.

“We all had her as a representative of mum, I had her as an alternative mum. 

“My mum died 12 years earlier on the same date. 

“She’s the kind of mum you want, she had a very important role in my life and I am a good deal of who I am because of her.”

Florence Henderson will certainly be missed…