It’s the beautiful childhood craze that has captured the world’s attention as the ultimate way for adults to experience a therapeutic state of de-stressing among other health benefits. 

The adult phenomenon of colouring in has been increasing steadily, creating demand for colouring pencils. 

Colouring in pencil suppliers Faber Castel say that it is no longer just a standard box of 12 or 48 that people are asking for but want more choice in colours, requesting 72 or even boxes of 120. The demand is there for higher quality pencils. 

So whilst school packs will suffice for children whose colouring books require less complex patterns, an adult’s colouring book has a greater range of intricate designs to colour in and adults have a greater selection to choose from with matching disposable income. 

Bizarrely it’s the combination of all these things that is causing a colouring in pencil shortage! 

So now we’ll all have to learn the number one school rule about using colouring pencils and that is to not waste these little wooden sticks of calm which hail from trees, the same trees that could become scarce in the world’s rush to colour in!