The Biggest Loser is returning to Channel Ten later this year but will be missing its two biggest stars.

Michelle Bridges and Commando Steve will not be returning for the next series, which is being titled The Biggest Loser:Transformed.

The show will be hosted by Fiona Falconer and Shannon Ponting will be returning as a trainer alongside new security Libby Babet.

Shannon Ponting said he is “stoked to be back. This is the version of The Biggest Loser I’ve always dreamed of making, something every Australian can relate to but also empower them to transform their own lives.”

Libby Babet, is the founder of Australia first ‘entertainment’ group the BUF girls and will become a new trainer on the show, she says she joined because ‘’The Biggest Loser has already had an incredible impact on health and fitness in Australia by transforming lives and inspiring the nation. I feel such a strong sense of responsibility to continue that mission, perhaps with a bit of my own spin on things. My approach to fitness is to help people create a positive and uplifting association with being fit and active, so it becomes something fun you actually look forward to. ‘’

The show will air later this year on Channel Ten.

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