The next series of Married at First Sight is super close, starting on January 30 and it’s going to be amazing.

Now, there are a few changes on the new series that will shock some viewers.

Such as the fact there are now TEN newly wed couples. That means we are going to have weeks of weddings to watch and all those awkward moments.

But, there is another thing you should be looking forward to that is going to cause so much hell.

ALL ten couples will be living underneath the same roof.

That’s right, straight after they get married and head off to their awkward AF honeymoons, they will be living together with 18 other people.

Sounds like hell.


The idea of the situation is that the will become each others ‘support’ network and should help each other over hurdles.

Or, it will cause more breakups and cheating.

Either way. We cannot wait.

Married at First Sight starts at 7:30 PM, Jan 30 on Channel Nine.

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