For most Aussie’s the Super Bowl is a bit of a mystery.

Why does a 60 minute game take four hours to play? How come the players wear helmets, and what’s with replacing the ENTIRE team in one go?

All we really know about it is American’s love to celebrate by scoffing down loads of pizza and beer, the half time show is usually the most watched part, and big name companies spend a fortune advertising their products during the game.

This year was no different with the like of Mercedes-Benz, Skittles and Budweiser spending a fortune for a prized 30 second spot during the game.

And advertising their wares this year for the first time was NSW based wine company Yellow Tail, who as part of a ten million dollar campaign have produced a commercial starring a kangaroo who flips burgers on the bbq, meets supermodels on the beach and then DJ’s at a party.


So, just like in real life then?

The ad is actually pretty funny, and we reckon it’s one of the 10 best featured this year.

Take a look at what all the fuss is about above.

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