Legal documents from the lawsuit between The Beatles and the group’s ex-manager Allen Klein are up for sale.

Auction website Moments In Time are selling the settlement papers, which were signed by bandmember John Lennon on behalf of the band, and former manager Klein, for $95,000 (£71,000).

Klein began managing the band in 1969 after replacing their former British manager Brian Epstein who died of a drug overdose in 1967. The American businessman had previously managed the Rolling Stones, and had a reputation for being a ruthless negotiator. After The Beatles’ final album Let It Be in 1970, Klein was still in charge of the group’s affairs, but was fired in 1973.

He then sued the band and its label, Apple Records, for $19 million (£14 million).

According to Moments in Time, “On the day that the suit was settled, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, (Klein), and a group of the attorneys from both parties assembled in a suite at the Plaza Hotel . . . Photographer Bob Gruen . . . took several photographs, including some shots of John, Yoko and Klein sharing a limo and also posing with the newly signed document resting on a large loaf of bread, signifying that they were . . . making peace.”

The lawsuit was settled in 1977, with Apple Records having to pay Allen Klein/ABKCO $5,009,200 (£3.7 million)


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