Everyone remembers ‘The Backpack Kid’ after he went viral for pulling out a dance move known as ‘The Floss’ during Katy Perry’s performance of Swish Swish on SNL last year.

The video quickly went viral and people everywhere wanted to learn how to do the hectic dance move. Well now this 16-year-old, whose real name is Russell Horning, is suing the makers of online video game Fortnite for ripping off what he is claiming to be his signature dance move.


While there’s no doubt that Horning, or ‘The Backpack Kid’, made ‘The Floss’ a viral sensation world wide, people are now calling into question the fact that he created the move. And they’ve got proof!

According to gossip site Fox 8, Horner’s mother has filed the lawsuit against Fortnite developer Epic Games on his behalf after they released the Season 2 Battle Pass in December last year.

In this version of the game, players who win can celebrate by doing the Floss.

But a Twitter thread has since surfaced saying that Horner has no case because, well, he too stole the dance move!


Video footage has surfaced of a group of Mormon boys miming and dancing to One Directions ‘What Makes You Beautiful’.

The video was posted to Youtube all the way back in 2012, long before ‘The Backpack Kid’ performed the Floss in 2017.

At exactly 3:08, the fourth boy from the right pulls out a dance move and low and behold it’s the Floss!

A Twitter user posted the video saying, “Lol Backpack kid stole the dance too tho (sic). First known use of the dance was 2012”.


But even then another Twitter user was able to trump this with video footage of the floss being used even earlier.

In a YouTube video posted even earlier in 2011, a YouTuber known simply as ‘Mashed Potato Man’ can be seen dancing in his living room with you guessed it, the Floss dance move.

People have now come out on the social media platform claiming that ‘The Backpack Kid’ has no leg to stand on with his case seeing as he didn’t create the move himself.

“Adddddnd case closed, backpack kid loses before the lawsuit began,” commented one Twitter user.


“This guy should sue backpack kid,” wrote another.

Horner claims to have been in the process of copyrighting the dance move when the gaming giant stole it to use in Fortnite.

He’s also reportedly suing 2K Sports, the people behind NBA 2K, claiming that they too stole the dance move.

This lawsuit comes after Alfonso Ribeiro, known as Carlton Banks on The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, also sued Fortnite for stealing his dance move made famous on the sitcom known as ‘The Carlton’.

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