Gwyneth Paltrow was once just like all of us – a person who would begrudgingly work out, thinking in her head that it was just the worst thing ever.

While preparing for her upcoming role in Iron Man, the actress was working out six days a week using the super intense Tracy Anderson Method, which combines aerobics, Pilates and weight reps.

She admits that it was tough and that she was going to give up – until Anderson herself gave her some golden advice, which helped to turn her attitude around.

“I remember there was a certain point when I felt like I was going to cry. I just physically and mentally couldn’t do it anymore. It was just too hard for me,” Paltrow told Hamptons magazine.

“[Tracy] said to me, ‘Don’t even think of it like that. It’s not an option. It’s like brushing your teeth. You get up and do it.’”

The actress experienced a “powerful shift” in the way she thought about exercise after getting the advice, which she describes as “inspirational”, and now thinks of exercise as a form of self-care.

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