This is the crazy moment that a lion pounced at young child at a zoo – but was stopped by the glass that separates him from the outside world.

The big cat ended up slamming head first into its enclosure screen after lunging at the two-year-old seconds after the kid turned his back.

The lion, which would be able to run at speeds of up to 80km/h had been locked in a staring contest with the visitor at the zoo in Japan.

As soon as the youngster looked away the lion took it as its chance to spring forward, not aware the screen was there.

The child can then be seen turning around and jumped back in far at the sight of the enormous lion, which weights 181kg.

Keepers have insisted that Lion was not being aggressive and occasionally will go towards children as it wants to play games with them.

Lion expert Adam Roberts told website The Dodo ”Lions are natural wild predators and the child in this video, especially when turning his back to the massive feline, becomes prey in the animal’s eyes


“But luckily for the family, if the barrier had not held the consequences could have been catastrophic.”

It’s just very luck the screen was there or we could have a whole different story on our hands.

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