Taylor Swift has only been making records since 2006.  Elton John, on the other hand, has been making records since, oh, about 1968 or so.  So how could it be that both of them now have the same number of Billboard Hot 100 hits?  Well, they do, believe it or not.

A new song by Taylor, “Wonderland,” has just entered the Billboard Hot 100 at #51; it’s a track from the deluxe edition of her album 1989.  It’s the 67th hit of her career on that chart, and that ties her with Elton, who also has 67.  How’d she catch up to Elton so fast?  Because with her last few albums, she’s released multiple songs online individually, and they all sold enough to at least scrape into the Hot 100.

Among the artists who have more Billboard Hot 100 hits than Taylor and Elton: The Beatles, Aretha Franklin, Elvis Presley, and rappers Jay Z, Drake and Lil Wayne.  The most hits, however, have been racked up by the cast of Glee: 207, to be exact.

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