Things got a little awkward on the Today Show this morning – and it’s all to do with Donald Trump and the farewell of the Obamas.

Guest Sarrah Le Marquand and Jeffreys were discussing Donald Trump’s upcoming inauguration, when the conversation turned to First Lady Michelle Obama.

Sarrah Le Marquand compared Michelle Obama to Trump, saying they were popular for the same reasons and the First Lady was ‘a little bland’. Jeffreys fired back, telling her guest through gritted teeth: ‘people will argue she is anything but bland’.

‘One thing the transition made clear is a very strong love affair with Michelle Obama that is now coming to an end for many,’ Jeffreys said at the beginning of their discussion.

‘I am in the tiny minority of people who think Michelle Obama has been a little bland as First Lady,’ Le Marquand responded.

‘But I think why she has been so incredibly popular is probably for the same reasons that Donald Trump was popular.


She is very traditional, she is the anti-politician.’ Jeffreys was clearly unimpressed with her guest’s statements, responding through gritted teeth: ‘people will argue she is anything but bland’.

As if that wasn’t enough, Le Marquand then went on to list the ways in which the First Lady was ‘bland’, including calling herself ‘mum-in-chief’ and sleeping through the election.

She never talked about anything more controversial than planting vegetables in the White House garden,’ the guest said.

‘She is almost a throwback to the days of Jackie Kennedy where it is very much wear a dress, look pretty,’ Le Marquand continued, adding that she was ‘cool’, and ‘owes more to celebrity and talk shows’ and policy.

‘Well she has done great work in childhood obesity, so we can’t let that one slip by,’ Jeffreys quipped.

‘We will agree to disagree on that one Sarrah, for potentially the first time in history,’ she added.

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