Image: Facebook

A Sydney mother has taken to social media to find the kind stranger who helped deliver her baby on the side of Carrington Road this week.

Writing in the Bondi Babies Facebook community, Rebecca Preston says her husband had to pull over their car en route to the hospital to deliver their baby.

“Need help finding a lady who helped deliver our baby on the side of Carrington Road at 6.40pm last night (June 28),” she wrote.

“That’s right… I had a super-fast labour and my husband had to pull over and deliver our baby boy out the side of our car.”

“In the confusion afterwards with ambulances, keeping everyone warm etc. we didn’t get the name of the lady who stayed on the phone to 000 and talked my husband through the delivery and waited with us for the ambulance.”


“If anyone has heard this story and maybe knows who this lady is, we’d love the chance to say thank you properly.”

Rebecca’s story has led to an outpouring of support on social media, with many in the community referring to the unknown helper as an “angel”.

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