Everyone who was anyone in the 2000’s loves the iconic romantic movie, The Notebook.

Starring the dreamy Ryan Gosling, and the girl we always want to be Rachel McAdams, we fell head-over-heels for this movie.

But apparently, no movie actor wanted to play the iconic Noah.

In a recent interview with IMDb, the author of The Notebook, Nicholas Sparks recalled the difficulty in finding an actor to play the heartthrob. He said:

“The funny thing was, no one wanted to play Noah. It was incredibly hard to find an actor willing to play Noah. It was really interesting because a lot of the actors said, ‘Well, what’s Noah’s arc?’ It’s a guy who falls in love and then he just kinda does nothing, and then waits for her to show up and then he’s there and he’s still in love and then at the end of the film, well, he’s still in love,’ they said. ‘Where’s the arc?’ So Ryan Gosling came in and he really brought that story to life.”

We can hardly believe the irony that male actors were turned off by a story arc that was only to fall in love. Must suck to be only written as a romantic interest, right leading ladies?

We’re thanking our lucky stars that Ryan played Noah (aka the man of our dreams). And it practically launched him into super stardom. 



H/T Elite Daily

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