Kristin Davis had just one television appearance when she came to Sydney.

She chose to appear on Sunrise, and while the success of her time on Sex and the City means she expects to be asked about her time on the show – she definitely didn’t expect what happened.

Kristin was made to take part in an embarrassing skit involving Samantha Armytage donning a wild ‘Carrie’ wig and Natalie Barr and Edwina Bartholomew, acting out a SATC skit.

It was cringe at best. However, after the show, Kristin took to Twitter, expressing her distaste. ‘Hopefully someone will let me talk about @Refugees’.

You may not know this if you caught Sunrise this morning, but Kristin has actually been involved in a lot of charity work; something she was only briefly able to touch on, given that the focus was on the embarrassing skit.

When given the opportunity to briefly speak about her work with UNHCR, Kristin spoke of the importance of generating awareness of the refugee crisis.


‘I think there’s a big issue picture which is really important and that’s there’s 60 million displaced people in the world,’ she said.

Social media soon expressed their views, with Kristin retweeting some.


Channel Seven soon after released a statement to Daily Mail Australia, in which Sunrise executive producer Michael Pell said: ‘We are Sex and the City tragics at Sunrise. ‘Our obsession may have gotten the better of us. We apologise for the bad acting and terrible costumes and we thank Kristin for being such a good sport.

She is one of the most gracious stars we’ve had at Brekky Central.’ Eeeeek!

Source: Daily Mail

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