A new series of the controversial SBS observational documentary Struggle Street will be filmed in Victoria and Queensland.

Like the first Struggle Street, the new six-part TV series will aim to shine a light on social and economic disadvantage.

“Struggle Street will seek to raise awareness and deepen our understanding of those of us in the community facing social and economic hardship through an honest reflection of what its like to be doing it tough in Australia today,” SBS television and online content director Marshall Heald said in a statement on Thursday.

The first season, set in Mount Druitt in Sydney’s west, provoked outrage before it screened, with Blacktown Mayor Stephen Bali labelling it “publicly-funded poverty porn”.

A convoy of garbage trucks blocked the SBS offices in Artarmon in protest but the series managed to rate highly, buoyed by national debate about its merits.

The precise location of Struggle Street’s latest offering is yet to be released by SBS.

SBS denied reports last year it was filming Struggle Street in the Queensland city of Logan while their crews were shooting The Logan Project which looked at musicians in the city.


Sunshine in Melbourne’s west has also been rumoured as a potential location for the show.

Struggle Street series two will be produced by Keo Films, the same team behind season one, with support from Screen Australia and Film Victoria.

“The first series of Struggle Street provoked a unique and important discussion about the extent and effects of poverty in Australia,” Screen Australia senior manager of documentary Liz Stevens said.

“Screen Australia hopes the second series of Struggle Street will raise further awareness of these complex problems and the networks and services that provide essential and sometimes lifesaving support to their communities.”

* Struggle Street series two will air in late 2017.


Source: AAP, Image: SBS