Like everyone in this world, Stephanie Rice has her own personal insecurities. 

The Aussie swimmer has been open about her struggles with her nose, having previously undergone rhinoplasty in 2012.

But since retiring in 2014 it seems the 26-year-old has had a second surgery and has revealed the all new look on Instagram yesterday. 

Beaming from ear to ear, it seems the second nose job has certainly lifted her confidence!

We’re on a boat 🚣

A photo posted by Stephanie Rice (@itsstephrice) on

Rice had her second rhinoplasty procedure in January of this year after having to put it off while swimming due to the effect it would have on her training regime in the water.


The look is a striking difference to her Flashback photo that she posted earlier in the week, when she first hit the spotlight with her Commonwealth Games success. 

Steph is now living in Los Angeles and is set on proving herself outside the swimming pool. 

She is currently working on a health and nutrition e-book, teaming up with Dahl House Nutrition. 

The below Instagram post teases that it is set to be released within the month. 


H/T: The Daily Mail

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