Half the time when buying a coffee your main concern is whether they’ve burnt the milk or got your order correct. 

But one gesture from a female Starbucks worker in Virginia completely changed a customer’s day. 

Ibby Piracha visits Starbucks for his morning coffee approximately three times a week, and because he is deaf, he often will text his order through. 

But when he turned up to his regular coffee shop over the weekend, he got the surprise of his life. 

One of the cashiers who often serves him signed to him asking for his order. 

Knowing that he was deaf, the worker had gone above and beyond the call of duty as a barista and had been learning ASL so that she could give him “the same experience as everyone else”. 


The gesture (excuse the bad pun) prompted Mr Piracha to share his experience on Facebook. 

“Oh, I gotta love this place. Starbucks woman cashier, she wrote it to me and she knew I am deaf,” he wrote.

“I am surprised she learning sign language because I attend to Starbucks 3 times in a week. She asked me “what you want drink?” in sign language.

“I am so blessed with her. I think she realized Leesburg, VA have deaf people.

“Please share this post to everyone. I want hearing people would understand about hearing community supporting for the deaf community.”

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