Today Extra host Sonia Kruger has called for Australia to stop ALL Muslim immigration in a fiery rant on breakfast TV.

During the “Mixed Grill” on Monday morning, Kruger said there is a correlation between the number of Muslims in a country and the number of terrorist attacks.

She said ‘Personally, I would like to see it stop now for Australia – because I want to feel safe as all of our citizens do when we go out to celebrate Australia Day’.

The Today Extra host said she had ‘a lot of very good friends’ who were Muslims and peace-loving, beautiful people. 

‘But there are fanatics,’ she said. 


She used Japan as an example, where 174 million inhabitants live but there is only 100,000 Muslims, and it has never suffered a terrorist attack.

Her remarks got a passionate response from her co-host David Campbell who said freedom of religion and freedom of speech were necessary.

Kruger went on to say ”We’re talking about immigration”.

David replied saying that he believes the articles written by Andrew Bold ”breed hate”.


Not backing down, Kruger said ”So you’re not allowed to talk about it? You’re not allowed to discuss it?’

‘I would venture that if you spoke to the parents of those children killed in Nice, then they would be of the same opinion.’ 

Lisa Wilkinson drilled an answer out of Sonia asking if she would like to see Australia’s borders closed to Muslim migrants and Sonia replied ”Yes, yes I would”.

Kruger’s remarks have left social media ablaze with critisicm.

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