This is a story that absolutely breaks our heart. 

Reddit user Chris Minnini, 21, recently lost his father, Jim, to lung cancer. 

But that is only the beginning of the heart-wrenching story. 

The day after his 58-year-old father was omitted back into the hospital, his mum, Cindy, had a heart attack and subsequently ended up in the same hospital. 

Both hooked up to life support machines, the man wanted nothing more than to be side by side with his wife in his last days. 

So in a hospital first, they allowed the couple’s beds to be pushed together. 


While she was sedated when he took his final breath, he passed away knowing she was right beside him, hand in hand. Supporting him. 

“I know that if my dad wanted to be remembered at all, it would’ve been for loving my mum,” Chris told The Sun.

“The first question she asked when she woke up was ‘where’s dad?’ – she knew instantly.

“I will never ever regret posting the photo. I understand people might be thinking I’m trying to get internet points but it was more about sharing a beautiful moment.


“My friends said to me that you see your parents but we see true love, so even if nobody saw it, it wouldn’t have mattered to me.”

*Quietly sobbing*

H/T: Reddit

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