Daryl Somers has heard from his former co-host Jo Beth Taylor that reviving Hey Hey It’s Saturday is never going to work.

Taylor not only said the once popular variety show has had its day, she also revealed that as much as she liked Somers, he was “egocentric” and always had to be number one.

Taylor was Somers’ female co-host from 1995 to 1997, also returning for reunion specials and the short-lived 2010 comeback.

Previous to Taylor, Somers’ female sidekicks were Jacki McDonald and Denise Drysdale.

Talking to camp-mate Paul Harragon on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here on Sunday night, Taylor said Somers still holds out a hope that the gang will get back together again.

“Still now he talks about putting Hey Hey back together, even the last conversation we had and it is like, you know you’ve got to get over it, do something else because it is not going to ever work again.”


There was a general consensus on social media that Somers should give up on Hey Hey It’s Saturday too.

“Is Hey Hey coming back? Mixed feelings about that. #ImACelebrityAU Whilst it’s good for nostalgia, it probably has had its day,” wrote one viewer.

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Besides saying how Somers was determined to revive his hit show, Taylor revealed more about Somers’ personality than most viewers would have known.

“Daryl is very supportive if he likes you. The flip side is he is very egocentric,” she said.

“He treated me really well… it was him first always. I could never be better and if I was, I always got short shifted out.


“I really like him, he’s just got the ego and everyone let him have it, that’s the thing too. If no one brings you back down to reality, then you just live in that world.”

Her candidness raised a response on social media.

“Daryl Somers getting quite the errr wrap by Jo Beth,” tweeted Nez.

Karen Pedler posted, “Oh Jo Beth they are big statements.”

Taylor is one of seven celebrities remaining in camp after actress Val Lehman was eliminated on Sunday night.

Also still in the running are Harragon, Shane Warne, Laurina Fleure, Anthony Callea, Havana Brown and Brendan Fevola, the current favourite.



Top Photo: Daryl Somers with Kylie Minogue on Hey Hey It’s Saturday (AAP)

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