If you know (or are!) a teacher, you’ll be aware that more often than not, the most difficult aspect of a teacher’s job are the parents! 

While some parents respect their children’s teachers, some have been known to swear at teachers, bully them on social media and even encourage their children to spit at them! 

Because this week marks the return to school for students all around Australia, here’s a list of things parents have said to teachers before that will either shock you or make you laugh out loud! 

Our taxes pay your wages! (Year 3, Sydney) 

When are you going to teach my son to brush his teeth? (Kindergarten, Sydney) 

Her lunch needs to be heated up every day (Kindergarten, Melbourne) 

He doesn’t drink water (Year 3, Melbourne) 


You have too many friends on Facebook – after they stalked my account. (Year 5, Sydney) 

During my first year of teaching a parent abused me for making their child sign a legal document without a parent present – it was their homework contract. (Year 5, Hobart) 

My child always tells the trut (Year 3, Melbourne) 

Why can’t my child read yet? Week 5 of Kindergarten 

How do I get him to do what I say? Year 4, Sydney