Skittles have never changed. Never. Always the same.

That multi-coloured pack has always looked the same, even when they did different themes, still the same.

Well, they given up.

For a very good reason.

They have decided to go black and white.

Skittles lost it’s colours for one weekend as they wanted to address the inequality that the LGBTIQ community experiances.


In a statement they said ”only one rainbow deserves to be the centre of attention”.

“You have the rainbow …we have the rainbow …and usually that’s just hunky-dory.

“But this Pride, only one rainbow deserves to be the centre of attention – yours. And we’re not going to be the ones to steal your rainbow thunder, no siree.”

Don’t panic. It was just one weekend and now skittles are back to normal.

Just, they have gone up in our estimations.. heaps.

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