We had the enigmatic Simon Burke in-studio today to talk about his one-man show at the Powerhouse, Something About Always.

Laurel recalls when she first saw Simon back in 1980 on a bus in Sydney…

Simon also spoke to us about his time on Playschool, and how it was a “traumatic” audition and one of the toughest an actor could go through.

He told a story about competing with his friend and co-star, Anthony Warlow, for the Playschool role.

He was excited about snagging the gig over him, but Warlow was then cast in Phantom Of The Opera…


Simon has been in numerous singing roles in musicals and kept “selling [him]self short” as a singer.

After “12-14 year-long musicals” in his career he is definitely a singer in his own right, and not just “an actor who sings”.

The gang also catch him out telling a little white lie about his age…