People everywhere are defending the actions of a woman who screamed at a two-year-old girl, but hold your outrage! 

The owner of Marcy’s Diner in Portland, US, Darla, made headlines because she yelled at a child who wouldn’t stop screaming in her diner for FORTY minutes…

The parents of the child reportedly ordered pancakes for the child, but didn’t feed her – so it’s no WONDER she was screaming!

Fed up, Darla decided to do something about it, and it’s attracting controversy…

She asked the parents to leave with the child, and when they said no, Darla yelled at the child to stop, and to everyone’s surprise… she did.

Darla has had her actions praised and condemned, but Laurel, Gary and Mark spoke to a Queensland restaurant owner who had enough and went one step further…


He banned all children under 7 from his restaurant in Yungaburra, North Queensland, and says business is booming!

Liam Flynn from Yungaburra in North Queensland has banned children under 7 from Flynn’s Restaurant

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