It has been a devastating 24 hours in music.

And one person who has truly felt that impact is Little River Band’s Glenn Shorrock. 

Having worked alongside both Jon English and George Martin, Shorrock had a number of insights into their untimely passing. 

He called in this morning after news broke of English’s death after post-operative complications. 

Re-live some of his favourite memories of the two men here. 

We were also close friends with Jon English and had the pleasure of having him in studio on a number of occasions in recent years. 


Here are some of our chats with the man himself. The singer, actor, comic and generally down-to-earth bloke. 

August 2015:

Jon English came back to Brisbane to promote ‘The Rock Show’ late last year and joined us in studio for a great chat. Aptly looking back at the history of rock music. 

Especially our favourite decades – the 60s and 70s! 

October 2014:


Of all places, Blankety Blanks was where Jon Englished discovered he could have a career in comedy, after being encouraged by fellow panellist Noel Ferrier to pursue the genre. And it certainly seems to have paid off as English now prepares to star in Monty Python’s Spamalot.

Laurel, Gary and Mark speak to Jon English about his foray into comedy and some of the more amusing moments throughout his time on stage as a performer.

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