If you ever leave your child, or elderly parent with a carer, for the most part you assume that they’re being taken care of.

You don’t want to think, even for a second, that they’re being mistreated in any way.

However for one woman in Argentina, it was a sickening reality. After receiving a tip-off from her neighbour, a woman set up a hidden camera to see what was happening to her 94-year-old mother who’s suffering from Alzheimer’s.

What she discovered was shocking. The ‘carer’ is shown pushing the grandmother with her feet before standing up and grabbing her by the back of the head.

The alleged attack is completely unprovoked as she appears to yell abuse and slap the lady.

The footage shows the elderly mother being abused for around 17 minutes – and the shocked family released the video on social media to bring attention to the issue in a bid to protect people from future abuse. Due to her condition, the 94-year-old was unable to inform her daughter of the abuse because she didn’t remember it.


The employee, previously dedicated to the care of children, was hired three years ago by relatives of the elderly woman, according to Argentine news website Infobae.

Interestingly, the daughter is said not to believe that her mother copped abuse for the entire time she was being ‘cared’ for.

The family spoke to the carer, who explained to them that she was struggling to deal with problems at home.

Source: Daily Mail

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