Paul Hogan had been a hugely successful TV star, writer and producer through the 70s and 80s when he and longterm friend and business partner John Cornell decided to self finance and produce their own film.

Hogan had built a high profile in the UK with his TV show and was gaining recognition in the US for his Australian tourism commercials when the pair decided the time was right to make a film with Australian characters that would appeal to an international audience. 

The result of course was the legendary Crocodile Dundee. Released in 1986 the story about a knockabout Aussie bushman called Mick Dundee who visits New York was a classic ‘fish out of water’ tale that turned into one of the biggest films of the year.

The film is still widely quoted by fans young and old with lines like this!

The film was the second highest grossing of 1986, behind only Top Gun, and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Screenplay.


Hoges famously opened the ceremony that year with a hilarious monologue that poked fun at Hollywood stars taking themselves too seriously.

Infamously Hoges also hooked up with his co-star Linda Kozlowski even though he was still married at the time.

The couple were married for thirteen years and had a son before divorcing in 2013.

A second and third film were made in the series but neither could capture the magic that made the original one of the all time great Australian films.


Take a look at our gallery above to see what the stars of the film are up to today, and also watch Hoges chat with Adam Hills about his life and career.

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