Scientists say their early experiments suggest it may be possible to make babies without using eggs.

They have succeeded in creating healthy baby mice by tricking sperm into believing they were fertilising “normal” eggs.

The findings have been published in Nature Communications and it could mean in the future, that woman can be removed from the baby-making process.

The experiment worked as University of Bath scientists started with unfertilised eggs.

By using a chemical, they tricked the egg into becoming pseudo-embryo, which means it’s effectively fake.

Although fake, it contains a lot in common with ordinary cells and can control how it divides and controls DNA.

The researchers then injected sperm into the embryo and produced healthy babies and they believe it will be possible to achieve a similar result with humans.


Dr Tony Perry, one of the researchers, told the BBC: “This is the first time that anyone has been able to show that anything other than an egg can combine with a sperm in this way to give rise to offspring.

“It overturns nearly 200 years of thinking.”

Those baby mice were healthy, had a normal life expectancy and had healthy pups of their own.