It’s really weird to kiss someone with your eyes open, but have you ever really wondered why?

Never fret, we have. And we found out the real reason, proven by science.

According to psychologists Polly Dalton and Sandra Murphy, the brain cannot fully appreciate the physical intimacy when distracted by visual stimuli.

The studied participants interacting with both visual and physical stimuli by fitting them with a vibration device in their hand.


They were instructed to search for letters visually and mentally and during the visual the vibrating felt less apparent but when they closed their eyes the vibration felt more powerful. Obviously, the frequency stayed the same throughout the experiment.


So, we can better appreciate physical stimulus when our eyes our closed which makes sense when we’re kissing a significant other as we’re usually always hoping it will lead to something even more intimate…

This makes sense, because let’s face it – you don’t close your eyes while kissing your mother. 

Closed-eye kissing is an earnest attempt to increase feelings of intimacy in an encounter.


H/T Bustle

Top photo: The Notebook