Thelma & Louise has been a cult classic since its release. 

Be it the sisterhood, an epic tale of escaping the daily grind and going on a road trip, or a young Brad Pitt… the 1991 movie has certainly stood the test of time. 

And what better way to celebrate it than with an awesome photo shoot and interview with the stars 25 years on. 

Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis have reflected on the movie that’s success exceeded their wildest expectations. 

“When we did Thelma & Louise, I really didn’t think it would have the kind of resonance it had,” Sarandon told Harper’s Bazaar.

“We thought it was fun, and we were cast in the kinds of roles usually played by guys.


“That car is still there at the bottom of the cliff, by the way. They couldn’t get it out.”

As for Geena Davis, she was shocked by the reaction the movie had when it was first released.

“We really didn’t know the movie was going to strike a nerve; nobody had any idea,” Davis said.

“It was very shocking, the reaction we got. When the movie came out, there was negative stuff like, ‘It’s so man-hating,’ and ‘Oh, God, this is not the solution.’

“There was all this talk about how it was so violent—and this was after Lethal Weapon came out!”


As for the movie paving the way for strong, female leads and bucking stereotypes?

Davis still believes there’s a ways to go. 

“We’ve been stuck in this world where Hollywood operates under the assumption that women will watch men, but men won’t watch women,” Davis continued.

“We never get any momentum because everything’s a one-off. “

One main focus of the interview was in how both Sarandon and Davis both have the utmost respect for the up and coming brand of actresses who are outspoken and stand up for themselves in the industry. 


“What gives me hope now are the young girls… in Hollywood. I love all of them. I love everything they’re doing; I love how outspoken they are,” Davis said.

“And I love how the topic is getting brought up so much. It didn’t used to be this way, even just a few years ago.

“I don’t think anybody would’ve said there weren’t enough parts for women because it would have sounded like you were complaining.”

Sarandon was equally as enthused by the strong women coming through the ranks and finding success on the screen. 

“Today I think there is a crop of young women who are interested in having fun and having lives but are not necessarily trying to please all the time—even though they are scrutinized constantly,” she said.


“All of those gals who are creating work, being funny and independent. You don’t always have to be about liberation.

“These women are using their careers instead of being used by them.”

Both of these women could equally be placed in this category. 

“The most liberating thing about filming Thelma & Louise was hanging around with Susan. She changed my life,” Davis said. 

“The movie changed my life. She always gets embarrassed, the way I talk about her.

“She’s so self-possessed—she knows who she is and what she thinks. She moves through the world in such an integrated and beautiful way.


“I remember telling Susan once, ‘I’m never going to be like you. You’re always going to be ahead of me. I’m never going to catch up.'”

But Sarandon responded with her own praise towards her co-star turned close friend. 

“Geena? She’s the best. She is so smart and so funny. The movie is a love story of women. It’s very romantic,” Sarandon said. 

Don’t hold your breath for a sequel, however. 


Or in the words of Geena; “What the heck do you think HAPPENED to them?!”

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