Sarah Jessica Parker spoke this week about being gifted a treadmill from a “very concerned” producer back in the 90s.

The now 50-year-old movie star spoke to a US radio show about a time when she was filming Honeymoon in Vegas, and her weight came under major scrutiny.

“I was about do Honeymoon In Vegas and before that I was off to do another movie in Iowa and the producer of Honeymoon in Vegas was very concerned about me being fit for Honeymoon in Vegas. So, they sent a treadmill to Iowa.

“I would very diligently go out every single day and run like a lunatic to this song. And then when I went to Iowa, on the treadmill, I would continue to run to the song. And then we went to Vegas to shoot Honeymoon In Vegas,” and I had a treadmill also in my room and I would get up every morning and run.”

It just goes to show how very different actresses were treated in the 90s compared to now.



The Sex In The City gals are judging you, slimy producer.

Source: Mamamia

Top Photo: Getty

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