Amber Sherlock’s epic diva meltdown over THAT white shirt incident made international headlines last week, with Jimmy Kimmel even referencing the awkward exchange during Jimmy Kimmel Live!

And now Studio 10 host Sarah Harris has weighed in on Amber’s meltdown, admitting that she thinks a different approach might have worked better to help diffuse the backlash that ensued.

Sarah said while the footage was ‘pretty funny to watch,’ Amber could have easily dampened public interest in the leaked footage with a different approach.

“I wonder if she’d just said ‘I’m so sorry, I had a bad day, we’re great mates, I’ve taken Jules out and I’ve told her I’m sorry…”

She then said that the incident should be a reminder for on-air talent everywhere.

“You’re part of a team, you’re a cog in the wheel. A tiny part of the team.”


“I don’t think she spoke that nicely to her colleague, but we’ve all had a bad day. Unfortunately that ‘bad day’ sometimes happens in front of people,” Sarah said.

But despite her criticism of how Amber handled the backlash over the incident, Sarah revealed that she actually had her own meltdown whilst working on the Nine Network’s Today.

“I had a bad day once when I was working for The Today Show, where I dropped the F-bomb three times when I thought I was off-air. There were audio problems, and I said to the link operator — who I was very good friends with — ‘Mate, we’ve gotta sort this f***ing earpiece out, I can’t f***ing hear myself think.’”

“That went to air, and there were polls on whether I should lose my job,” she said.

In other words, an ‘Amber Sherlock moment’ could easily happen to anyone!



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