The Secret Life Of Us star Samuel Johnson will play Molly Meldrum in the TV biopic about the Australian music guru.

The Seven Network announced on Monday that Johnson, who also appeared in Rush, will play the lead in Molly and the casting has the stamp of approval from Meldrum.

“I really cannot think of anyone else who could even try to play me,” Meldrum said in a statement released by Seven.

“Sam is perfect and I cannot wait to see him in action. Good luck Sam!.”

Molly chronicles Meldrum’s music career, as a journalist and a music producer as well as his infamous parties, the celebrities he now calls friends and the international trips.

Johnson said the role was the “holy grail” of his career and he would do his best to perfect his “ums” and “ahs”.

“To be honest and to put it simply, this is the holy grail, both creatively and personally,” Johnson said.


“As an actor this is the best role you could ever hope to find. “You spend your whole career dreaming of a role like this. I’m typically terrified but the panic is convincingly overshadowed by my excitement about the opportunity.”

Filming has already commenced in Meldrum’s home city of Melbourne.


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