Russell Crowe and Shane Warne’s ex Elizabeth Hurley are both single and were clearly ready to mingle on TV, as they shared a kiss on a couch.

The pair flirted with each other on The Jonathan Ross Show as they recalled the first time they met more than 20 years ago.

Crowe, 50, met Hurley, 49, in Los Angeles in the early 1990s when he once worked for her.

“Jonathan, I met Elizabeth Hurley in Los Angeles in like 1992 or ‘93. I knew this actress called Deborah Unger, and she said ‘I’ve got this friend of mine, she is in LA, she’s got this huge Alsatian dog and she needs somebody to just help her walk the dog’,” he said.


“I have no idea who I’m going to meet so I go round to this house, knock on the door and a 21-year-old Elizabeth Hurley opens the door in a men’s business shirt and nothing else and I just thought ‘thank you Jesus!’”

Hurley said she did not remember the shirt but she remembered Crowe.

“I don’t remember the shirt but I do remember Russell, he was the sexy Australian that used to come round with our friend Deborah and he was very nice to me and Nico the dog,”she said.

Hurley and Crowe both confirmed during the TV interview they are single.

Hurley said: “I am single. On sabbatical. I’m busy at the moment, family, work, I’m working more now than I ever have been, no time for love.”

Crowe said: “I am Jonathan, I’m single, I’m separated from my wife and I’m going through an extremely sl***y period of my life at the moment!”


Later on, Crowe and Hurley played a game of Would I Lie To You? presented by fellow guest David Mitchell.

During the game, Crowe said he had never kissed Hurley before.

“I have never kissed Elizabeth Hurley in my life,” he said.

When the audience reacted, he quickly added: “I’m not dead yet!”

After stroking Hurley on the arm, he then got up from the couch and kissed Hurley on the lips.

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