Keith Richards recently revealed to U.K. newspaper The Sun that The Rolling Stones had a new album “in the can,” and on Monday, fellow Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood shared some more specific information about the project with BBC 6 Music presenter Matt Everitt.

During an opening event for The Stones’ “Exhibitionism” display at London’s Saatchi Gallery, Wood told Everitt, “We’re very excited about the new blues songs that we have. We’re sitting on these cover versions of blues, and they sound so authentic it’s frightening.”

Ronnie explained that The Stones, very spontaneously, recorded 11 songs in just two days.

“You know, we didn’t spend any time rehearsing them or anything,” he pointed out. “We just picked a song, you know, that suited Mick [Jagger]’s harmonica or guitar riffs…whether they were from Little Walter or Howlin’ Wolf…random blues songs.”

Wood added that the band “did cut some new material” as well, but he is particularly enthusiastic about the blues covers.

“We just hit on this blues seam and it just opened and it’s just like, ‘This is what The Stones do, we play blues,” said Ronnie.

As for when the new material will be released, Wood told Everitt, “Sometime this year I think you’ll hear them.”


Richards and Jagger, meanwhile, both told Everitt that work on a new Stones record is still ongoing.



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