Rod Stewart’s wife has come up with a very simple, surefire way for men to avoid their female spouses when it’s that time of the month.

Penny Lancaster says, “The PMS can get more extreme, so I wear a red bracelet. I know this might sound strange, but it’s just a little bit of cotton that I tie around my wrist. If I say to my husband, ‘I know there’s a lot of decisions going on, we’ve just moved house, but don’t ask me right now because I’ve got my period,’ two hours later, he’ll come to me, ‘Look darling, about that, I don’t agree.'”

The 44-year-old Penny says she came up with this idea six months ago when she realized she was snapping at her two sons. “It’s like I’ve been taken over by some sort of strange devil and it’s very uncharacteristic in myself. So I went to the doctor to get a blood test. I’m 44, which tends to be quite young for the menopause.”

And Rod adds, “I know it’s a personal area but it’s something that every couple goes through. Just because it’s the woman who is experiencing the menopause it doesn’t mean to say the husband isn’t being affected.”

Rod and Penny have been married since 2007.

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