Rod Stewart will renew his vows with wife Penny Lancaster in 2017 to mark their 10th anniversary.

Rockin’ Rod and his third wife will be celebrating their anniversary next year and to mark the occasion, they are recreating their original wedding at the exact same location of Portofino, Italy.

“Next year is our 10th anniversary,” Rod tells U.K. talk show host Alan Carr. “We are going to do what we did 10 years ago. We are going to go down to Italy with all the same friends and do it all over again… We are just going to have a re-run.”

During the interview, he also paid a gushing tribute to Penny and expressed his pride at his wife’s job on U.K. panel show Loose Women.

“I always maintain that you have got to wait until the right person comes in,” he adds. “Don’t just go out with anybody as if the wrong person is there then the right person can’t get in,” he shared with Carr.

“I watch Loose Women every time she is on… I am proud of her. She does a really good job. I don’t worry that she says things about me.

“She would not be married to me if she was that type of girl… She is very thoughtful and loving. She is a great mum and I have been very lucky,” he added.


The 71-year-old singer began dating Penny in 1999 and they tied the knot in the cloistered medieval monastery La Cervara in Portofino. They have two sons Alistair, 10, and Aiden, five.

He also told Alan Carr that he had not had a vasectomy to stop him having more kids at his age, but Rolling Stones star Ronnie Wood should, as he is set to become a father of twins aged 68.

“I have not had the snip. Have I b****cks!,” he said. “Ask Ronnie Wood, he should have the snip. I don’t know what comes out when you have the snip. I think it is just dust.”

Rod was previously married to actress/model Alana Hamilton and model Rachel Hunter. He has eight children.


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