Robbie Williams is currently in Australia and made a much anticipated appearance at the ARIA awards in Sydney last night. Williams looks fit and healthy after having long given up the drugs and alcohol that he struggled with for so many years.

These days the 42-year-old has happily swapped living on the wild side for a more settled life with his wife of six years, Ayda, and their children, four-year-old Theodora Rose and Charlton Valentine, 2.

One of his greatest joys, he says, is hearing daughter Teddy singing Love My Life, his latest single that he wrote especially for his children.

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“It’s such a kick getting to hear her sing ‘I love my life’ because it’s about her and for her and him, Charlie, so when she sings it around the house I fill up because it’s a song about me hoping and praying that we’re getting it right, and the pair of them won’t have to live the mental life that me and their mum have,” Williams says.

“The depression, the anxiety, the neuroses, the worry. I’d like to think that we are doing a good enough job that they can turn it down a few levels from the extremes that me and their mum’s had.”


In the chorus, Williams sings about being powerful, beautiful, wonderful, magical and free.

While he hopes his children feel all those things, they’re not words he has felt comfortable applying to himself.

“I haven’t been able to say those words. I wouldn’t have meant them,” he says.

“The mental illness that’s run alongside the great success that I’ve had has been its own weird dichotomy.

“So the song is just about us hoping we’ve done a good enough job that they naturally think and feel that way because I didn’t and their mother didn’t.”


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Williams has long battled with depression and anxiety, but says he’s now found the right medication, which has given him a “level playing surface” that allows him to appreciate everything in his “beautiful life”.

Source: AAP/Staff Writers